Casino Review

Casino is a movie about gamblers, and the casino world. It’s about opulence and neon signs, champagne glasses clinking and people trying their luck at the tables and slot machines. But it’s also about greed, treachery and violence. It’s not easy to make a movie about such dark subjects, but Martin Scorsese pulls it off beautifully.

The characters in Casino are not sympathetic, but they are believable. They’re a mix of the self-assured who expect to win big and those who are just trying to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and companionship. But everyone, in one way or another, gets their comeuppance. It’s a very compelling story, and a reminder that not all gambling is wholesome.

While the film does not stray from a storyline that is familiar to many, it does provide a new perspective on the Las Vegas scene. It shows how Vegas has evolved since the days when the mob ran the town. It also demonstrates that the casino industry is not just about gaming, but about providing an experience for visitors to enjoy.

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